Life is movement, without movement life is unthinkable“.    
Moshe Feldenkrais

Using this idea as a basis, Moshe Feldenkrais developed a method to improve not only the way we move but also the way we sense, think and feel. The mind and body are not separate but form a unified whole in all our functioning. A brain without a body could not only not exist but also not think.

Feldenkrais lessons are a unique way of learning to improve the quality of life, to find a way to move out of pain and to enhance any other endeavour: be it dancing, running or playing a musical instrument.

The movements are based on ideas that Moshe Feldenkrais developed as far back as the 1950’s on how the brain functions and how the nervous system works and that are just now being validated by neuroscientists.

Awareness Through Movement  lessons are verbally directed and generally conducted in a class setting. Suitable for everybody!